Tuesday, October 24, 2006

brit lit was cancelled today, which was the best surprise ever. it's not that i don't like the class, but i was having one of those days and really didn't want to go. dragged myself, saw the empty classroom, the note... it was beautiful. went to the library in celebration, skimmed the latest issue of the writer magazine and borrowed the art of creative nonfiction by lee gutkind.

this weekend is the texas book festival, which means that writers such as gore vidal, maureen dowd, and stephanie klein (yay - i missed her the first time around), as well as political rockstars such as barack obama will be in town. oh yes. it's like christmas for bookgeeks.

what else is new? well, my novel has gone to shit. i haven't really had the time, and when i have, i have spent it on other endeavors. i hope to go back to it soon, because i'm digging my protagonist a lot.

i asked mother a week ago if she really cared much if i went home for thanksgiving, considering it's so expensive. she said, "that's ok, you don't have to come," without a hint of guilt. it caught me off guard. i was like, "really?" this week, however, she has changed her mind. she offered to pay for my plane ticket, so it's not an issue of money, but i am not sure that i want to go. firstly, whether she pays for it or i pay for it, it's still kind of a waste of a few hundred considering i'm flying home a few weeks later for winter break. besides, i think it will be hard for me to see my girls for a few days and then have to explain to them that i'm leaving again. eh. i dunno.


fp said...

la famiglia รจ molto importante

sojourness said...

i know.