Thursday, October 05, 2006

"membership" and other bullshit

"I do not believe that God created an egalitarian world. I believe the authority of parent over child, husband over wife, learned over simple to have been as much a part of the original plan as the authority of man over beast."

"I believe that if we had not fallen [...] patriarchal monarchy would be the sole lawful government."

why, clive? why do you do this to me, man?

you know how much i love you. you know that even when i am the least like a typical christian, i still go to the library and check out your books and carry them around with me everywhere and devour them. and you know that i'll even forgive you for comparing us to children, "the simple," and beasts (in other words, creatures who cannot take care of themselves). i'll keep reading.

but why? why the superiority complex? just explain that to me. you are perfectly happy to spout humility, and talk of how we are absolutely nothing in comparison with god. but in comparison with each other? men rule over women.

you make it so hard to love you.

look at me, arguing with a dead man.


fp said...

you're not the only one with a blog, even a Catholic Cardinal has one now lol

sojourness said...

very nice, thanks for the link.

ah rome!