Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i had a fairly good day, but i was in kind of a funk when i got home. firstly, i took my second chemistry test yesterday. there were only 12 multiple choice questions, 5 points each, totaling 60 points, and then there was a nine-part question that was worth 45 points. the only score i could get right away was my multiple choice score. i got 50%, or 6 / 12 right. i was pretty disappointed so i studied more and retook it today. i was certain i got 100% this time, but i only got 8 / 12 right. it's definitely better, and with all the calculations, i have the potential to get between a 70 and an 80 as my final score, but still. blah.

my book club meeting is this sunday. it turned out to be men and women, so that is cool. i hope i like these people. they are all new to austin, like me, so hopefully they will be as desperate for friendship as i am. i was telling boyfriend today that the people at school are not working for me socially. i don't mean that in a snobbish way, there are some really cool people i would love to hang out with, but no one is really interested and i'm not going to beg. (i can hear my mother doing mrs. seinfeld's bit: "how could anybody not like you???")

so anyway, i was in my funk, but after boyfriend and i went out for chinese food, we checked the mail on the way back into the apartment. i got a postcard from three of my italian friends who went to valencia, spain to visit another friend (these are people i worked with in venice). so i had a postcard and the four of them all signed it with "un abbraccio forte" (a strong hug) and it made me happy :)

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