Monday, October 02, 2006

item #1 - i got a 73 on that chem test. at least i passed. i have another one available from this thursday until next wednesday. lord have mercy.

item #2 - i am beginning a book club for 20-somethings. so far the only responses have been from women, which is not only fine with me, but ideal. it can be like the all-ladies book club i participated in back home. fun fun fun!

item #3 - work email is screwy. you get an email when you submit your timesheet late. i began two weeks ago and as soon as my email was set up, i got emails about my august timesheets being late. i emailed the folks to inform them of the problem. they fixed it, and then i got emails about july being late. emailed them again, they apologized and said they would work on it again. you know the rest. june emails. it's kind of funny, actually.

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