Monday, October 16, 2006

you make me sick

it was so wrong.

i was watching t.v. with boyfriend and there was this crappy conservative news show on where the dude was talking about - get this - the fact that rosie o'donnell was dry humped by someone on an episode of the view. he had up and coming author chelsea handler joining in on the disgusting, blatant cheap shots taken at rosie, simply because she is overweight.

"i think part of me just died."
"excuse me, i just threw up in my mouth a little."
"how could you not be attracted to that 24-35-75 figure?"

can someone please tell me why, in a world where it is (thankfully) no longer okay to slander people based on gender, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and the like - it is still totally fine to do it based on weight? why have fat jokes been lucky enough to outlive all the rest, and come out, unscathed?

chelsea handler is the author of a book entitled "my horizontal life: a collection of one-night stands." i'm not going to take shots at her or call her a whore, because i fully believe in a woman's right to be as sexually liberated and active as she chooses. however, when reading a review of her book:
"she discusses her quest for sex with a "black man," which doesn't work out because the date she finds on has a penis so large, she "would have had to be the size of the Lincoln Tunnel to accommodate that thing."
...i somehow think that her opinions are not much to take seriously anyway.

do yourselves and women at large a favor: boycott skinny, overly-made-up blonde women who think that their looks make them more valuable than women who have achieved much more than they could ever dream of.

(and don't think i'm letting the guy off the hook. you know me, further discussion should not be required.)


fp said...

Love and Responsibility

Man and Woman He Created Them


So, fer women who do it it's "sexually liberated", but when men do it they're just scum suckin' pigs with no regard fer women, right?

Ya know, th' label game runs both ways.

sojourness said...

um, when did i say that?

actually, it's more like when men do it, it's "normal" or "just how men are," while when women do it, they're "sluts" and "ho's."


Hence my labels go both ways statement. Feminists say liberated, everyone else says sluts and hos.

And round and round we go.

sojourness said...