Sunday, October 01, 2006

i am procrastinating so badly. i have gotten some work done, so it's not all bad, but seriously, i never had such a focusing problem before. i can't help that i hate chemistry so bad!

boyfriend said i may have misunderstood what friend #3 was saying yesterday. it's possible. the most fun time of the month is approaching, and i tend to be quite critical of XY's at that time. i'm not deleting the post, though, because that picture of batwoman is hot.

i began writing a novel. i guess i was inspired by the erotica - not that i'm going to write any! - but the whole idea of forming characters and making stuff happen to them. i want to try my hand at it. i already have quite a bit and it is super fun :)



Sure, I tell you to write somethin' fer years and ya say ya can't do fiction. Some whackin' material comes along and suddenly it's all systems go.


sojourness said...


sojourness said...

tell it to the piss and moan club, HEE HEE ;)

Tez said...

id like to write a novel, the title would say: If my attitude's bad, then why do i feel so good?!
nah. ill stick with the blogings.