Monday, October 09, 2006

carry me, i'm just a dead (wo)man

i should probably be doing some work, but i can't motivate myself. i stayed home from school yet again because i don't feel well. this is the worst month in the history of months. i have decided that there is no way that god is a woman. what a shame.

last night we went to the jars concert. sure, it was jam-packed with WASPs, primarily (but not limited to) 12-16 and 40-45 years of age. one guy tried to invite us to his church and bible study, which annoyed me. (they're a christian band but they're mainstream as well. do you have to assume every fan is a christian? go talk to the teenager wearing the "got jesus?" shirt standing right next to me, dude.)

all in all, though, i was so happy. it was so much fun. they put on a good show, and i am madly in love with pretty much everything they've ever written, so it was really exciting to hear it and see them live. i feel like they're one band that is virtually incapable of writing a bad song. seriously man.

anyway, i don't know why i am getting so burned out. for some reason, the normal things i have always done - going to class, working, studying, writing papers - it all overwhelms me now. i feel like i work all the time. i don't, obviously, but my nights and weekends... i'm always either doing some kind of work or avoiding some kind of work and feeling guilty about it. it's not really an issue of laziness because i want to do the work, but i feel emotionally tired. and i think it's translating into physical sickness, as these things often do. i just feel weak and run down all the time. it really sucks, man. i'm 22 years old and i don't eat meat. i should be seriously healthy!


fp said...

feel better dude, God bless you always

Tez said...

wow, and i thought wolverine's blogs were intersting.
anywho, you are welcome to visit my blogs.


Maybe ya should start eatin' meat again. Could be what's missin' in that equation there, darlin'.

sojourness said...

no, i eat eggs, fake meats and soy products. i'm getting protein, nutrients, all that stuff.