Saturday, September 30, 2006

well, i didn't get very much (read: practically nothing) done today. i went to the library and read magazines and borrowed enya and shawn colvin cds and just had an all-around good time. libraries make life so good.

it has come down to it. we use the internet to read the news, communicate with family and friends, order anything we want in the entire world to be shipped to our homes... i have resorted to the internet to solve my friend crisis. i posted an ad on the platonic section of craigslist saying "i'm new to austin. my boyfriend has friends. someone befriend me." i specified that i was only looking for women.

i have started talking to two people that seem really cool and eerily in tune with my interests. hopefully that will work out.

tonight boyfriend, his three friends and i barbecued for dinner. they like to do that a lot, so i always throw some tofu pup or chik'n patty on the grill. anyway, i have hung out with friends #1 and #2 a couple of times, and i like them. they're fun. friend #3 hasn't been around a whole lot, with traveling or something. i only met him the other day, and today was the second time.

so he says to boyfriend, in front of me, that i am like batman because he's only seen me once. boyfriend said it was because of him being away and he said, "me?!" as if that was ridiculous. then he said that when boyfriend is with me, all he hears from him is a message on gmail that he wants to go up and watch the football game with them.

now, was i wrong to be a smidge offended by this? have i suddenly become the evil girlfriend that won't let him out to play? i never told him not to hang out with his friends; i simply asked that we compromise on how much time he spends there. i mean, if this guy moved to a brand new city for his girlfriend and she spent her weekends watching sex & the city marathons with three female friends, i'm sure he would beg out once or twice. i'm also fairly certain he wouldn't happily sit in the apartment alone while she did that. guys piss and moan about everything.

anyway, whatever.



And women don't bitch? Puh-leeze! :P

sojourness said...

we mostly bitch about you men, which is totally justified ;)


And men bitch about women's bitchin'. It's a viscious circle. :P

Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. Legally.

Tez said...

wha..??? i bitch about everything.
cant say that girls bitch just as much as guys. To think of it, i havent seen any guys bitch before..
only on Everybody Loves Raymond! ^_^

Tez said...

-i agree with wolv.