Sunday, September 24, 2006

did i mention my landlord wouldn't let me have eve? bastardo. now she's gone, i haven't seen her in a couple of days. hopefully she found someone with a good heart and the deed to their house. i think she might have been pregnant.

anyway, chemistry is too much for me. back in the day, when i took it in high school - AT 14-15 YEARS OLD - i was able to pull a B. what, have i become stupider as the years have passed? what's going on?

then again, i had childhood friend to help me in those days. she was the math/science person, i was english/history. i got her an A on her european history essay on the unification of italy, and she helped me with stuff like chemistry. if anything, i was the distraction when the two of us got together to do homework after school. i used to tell her stories about the mafia whacking our chemistry teacher. see? i was meant to be a writer, not a scientist.


fp said...

see if the college has a chem tutor for free and sorry to hear about eve

sojourness said...

they do have free tutoring and i've gone, but it's hard to go very much with work and all.