Sunday, September 03, 2006

i love airports with wireless connections.

just killing time until we board. i wish i could spend more time with my family, but i think this is a good decision. i think it is difficult to have to leave after just getting back from europe, but maybe i will get over it once i am in texas.

the sweets ban didn't last, but it was ambitious of me, no? maybe when i'm down there, we just won't buy any for the apartment!!

last night i went out with sister and her boyfriend and his friends. normally not something i would do, but i wanted to spend my last night with my sister and she asked me to go. i think sister's boyfriend is very cool, and very funny, and i enjoy hanging out with the two of them... but his friends? madonna. one of them wants to be a priest, yet when my sister was showing them the shirt she was wearing - a tee that says, find me on myspace - he said, "ok, now go like this" and he touched his nipple. i wanted to smack him in his face hard. then, when sister and her boyfriend left the table for a few minutes, he started telling the others domestic abuse jokes about beating your wife, which they found hysterical. i was fuming. this yutz also ordered "freedom onion soup" when the waiter came. I AM DEAD SERIOUS, HE SAID THAT.

but spending time with sister was worth it. she's awesome. she wants to visit us in texas, which is amazing because she never wants to travel or broaden her horizons or do anything, but i hope she does. i am excited by the prospect. i think she feels empowered with her new job. i was like, "will you save up money for airfare?" and she was like, "oh sure, i make that in a week," with a proud smile on her face. cutie.


fp said...

nipple dude wants to be a priest?

sojourness said...


fp said...

u shoulda smacked him then.