Tuesday, September 26, 2006

weirdos in my world

weirdo #1

he comes to class barefoot. no shoes, no socks. his feet are dirty, obviously, but i stare in shock, wondering how he could live this way. doesn't he cut his feet? is he a hobbit? have we evolved to the point of not needing footwear anymore, and no one told me?

in chemistry lab, we are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes. he wears sneakers. they look brand new. i suppose that is because he never wears them! we have a short break after lab and then meet in class, where he is barefoot once again.

during chemistry lab, he asks my professor if she is going to teach us how to blow things up. when she says no, he wonders aloud about the logic of taking a chemistry lab if she isn't even going to teach us to blow things up. he gives out invitations to his birthday party, although he doesn't really know any of us. he gives one to our professor as well.

weirdo #2

he walks into class and says, "what's the molarity man?" kid next to me looks puzzled and asks, "the molarity of what?" the response is, "um, you know, what's going on? that's the chemistry way to say it." i sit back and roll my eyes, embarrassed for him. at the end of class, a girl asks the professor if our homework, which is due online the next morning at 8 am, could be pushed back a couple of days because we have a test. he looks at her and asks, "why? it's so easy." um, shut up?

it's frightening. i'm frightened.


fp said...

be nice

sojourness said...

lol, this coming from the king of insulting classmates :P

fp said...

lol i know, i gotta stop that asap. i don't think the seminary professors will think too kindly of that.


Hey, I'M th' only weirdo in yer life, dammit!

sojourness said...

no fp, you can tell them you are giving them a chance to practice turning the other cheek ;)

wolvie, you are still at the top of the list, don't worry.