Friday, September 15, 2006

the weekend's here! i just took a two-and-a-half hour nap that was sorely needed. missed the school newspaper orientation/meeting and my italian group, but i don't care. sleeeeep :)

actually, i quit the newspaper, so whatever. i signed up, agreed to take on a story that no one else had taken on, and then they said there wasn't enough info in my story about the lt. watada protests and stuff. hello, i didn't go to the protest, i agreed to take this since no one else would. they said my story wasn't long enough. hello, no one told me what the length requirement was. they told me to revise it and try to get more info on it, but if it's not sufficient, they will bump the story. screw that. i have a life outside of spilling my creative genius onto the page for you to throw into the garbage.

well, everyone at the paper staff was nice, and this is the nature of that kind of thing i suppose, but now that i have two jobs - arguably three, if you count writing for the music magazine - i can't see myself agonizing over extracurric's anymore.

my class was supposed to give the sumerian presentations on wednesday. 6 groups, 5-7 minutes per group, simple mathematics gives us 30-42 minutes. each class is 50 minutes. well, we went over our time limit, as classes tend to do, so i brought in my laptop and slideshow (i'm doing music and art) again today. tell me how we went over again today and my partner and i still haven't gotten to go? holy shit. now i gotta lug the damn thing to school again on monday. another day to spend with the lady of warka and the guy with the kooky eyes. (aren't they cool though?)

this morning it began to rain while i was in class, which was not good because i had my computer (albeit, in a computer bag, but still) and no umbrella. i stepped outside after class, looking around and wondering how i was going to make the 15 minute walk home, when i looked up and saw boyfriend holding an umbrella. he walked to school in the rain for me. it was so sweet.

this weekend i have to read the whole of the canterbury tales. i'm jazzed, i have never read it before. i'm reading the prologue and i'm already pretty in love with the clerk. you know, the dude who goes starving and without decent clothes because he spends all his money on philosophy books.


n.v. said...

naps are good for the soul, sugarbutt.

so are you reading more great stuff this Fall? this is the season for good, heavy books. books that sit on your chest and crush your heart. feels good.

sojourness said...

for school, a lot of classics... the iliad, the mahabharata, beowulf, paradise lost... outside of school, hopefully i'll have time to read really good stuff as well :)


n.v. said...

this is what's coming up for me, April:

A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon
Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
The Double by Jose Saramago

and another book on the Virgin Mary. Love that chick.

Right now I'm reading A Perfect Pledge and, well, I don't quite get it. I'm not sucked in and it's already page 100. I bought it cause the first few pages enchanted me. But then i just got lost. I fucking hate when that happens. 20 dollars down the tubes.

I've read iliad, mahabharata, beowulf and paradise lost. i only remember details from PL.

sumerians rock.