Sunday, September 03, 2006

i arrived safely in austin. love the apartment boyfriend found... love love love it. if aunt flo wasn't stabbing me repeatedly in the uterus, i would be having a grand old time.

although i think living two seconds away from a cookie store (that delivers!) might wreck my no-sweets plans. *shrugs shoulders* i could have worse problems.

i'm currently reading the autobiography of malcolm x. it's really interesting, although sometimes it is hard for me to remember that people are human. like i want "heroes" to be perfect and "villains" to be evil, and don't allow space for humanity. i keep getting annoyed when malcolm says something slightly sexist, and i think, malcolm, how can i admire you if you felt that way? but i need to remember that i will never find a perfect individual in the world - it's not like i'm one anyway - so i need to admire people for the traits i admire and not let the rest of the crap get in the way.

another example: i had to roll my eyes at andrea dworkin when she wrote the line, "men are shits and take pride in it." but i really did enjoy her memoir and admire a lot about her. so, whatever. draw the line where you will, i suppose.

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A. Estella Sassypants said...

Yayyy! You're in Texas! Dallas says hello. Can't imagine living next to a cookie store that delivers. As if my arse isn't big enough already.