Tuesday, September 26, 2006

mi piacciono biscotti baby

boyfriend bought a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream yesterday and today he acted all surprised when there was none left. um, hello? last night he said he didn't even like it, so that shit was fair game.

chemistry test numero uno: i either just barely passed or just barely failed. results forthcoming.

best friend's birthday is at the end of the week. i tried to find her a super cool birthday card in the feminist bookstore, but they all had photos of women kissing each other on them and i didn't want to give her the wrong idea. i mean, i love you, but i don't love you.

we are reading the writings of julian of norwich and margery kempe in brit lit class. i love them old mystic ladies. i'm thinking of painting them when i have some time. a few days ago i did a piece i'm pretty proud of. it's a painting of a woman flying/floating backwards with a pair of wings, her eyes closed, looking peaceful, with unplucked eyebrows, unshaven legs, a little bulk in her waist. underneath her it reads libertà. it's a good piece of work, so long as no one notices that i gave her a right foot for a left, and vice versa. *shrug* hey, we all gotta start somewhere.


xristinaki329 said...

you know, years later that mistake will be worth thousands! =)

sojourness said...

ha ha if only :)