Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i'm going to see jars of clay in october! sooo excited! i have only seen them live once, when i was 18, but even despite my religious turmoil, i have always adored them. boyfriend is going with me, although he does not share my enthusiasm. whatever dude :P

what else, what else... the ceo offered me the job. i am most likely taking it, although i have an interview for the music mag in an hour and a half. may want to do that freelance in addition to the other stuff. madonna i will have no free time!! but i'm happy :)

i know i wanted to write something else, but i can't remember it now... gosh, darn it.

oh yeah. over my morning coffee, i read an article about the religion study baylor university just did. their categories irked me. they felt the need to distinguish between "evangelical protestant," "black protestant" and "mainline protestant," yet lumped buddhist, hindu, muslim, etc. into "other." wtf? i could see something like christian science being "other," but islam is one of the world's monotheistic faiths. buddhism and hinduism are kind of important too. geez louise.

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A. Estella Sassypants said...

Baylor is a bunch of wankers. I know this having gone there for 2 years.

Congrats on the job and the other might-be job!