Saturday, September 16, 2006

in my white tee

i love this picture. i took it a couple of nights ago. now all my friends are accusing us of having planned to wear matching shirts.

yeah, because white t-shirts are rare in life. *rolls eyes*

he's upstairs watching football in his friends' apartment. now i can play my hymns without being called a "funda" (as in "fundamentalist"). i know he's only teasing but it irks me. i feel a deep sense of loss in connection with my faith, and any tiny scrap or remnant i can hold onto is something i cherish. it's hard to explain that to someone else, though. it's hard for me to even articulate it in my own mind.

also, i should be able to take a joke better. i'm pretty uptight, i guess. i remember when i was 19, my mother set me up with this 28-year-old sleazy guy she worked with. he kept fucking around on when we were going to go out, and he cancelled a date or something and said to mother, "i hope she doesn't get mad at me." mother said she told him, "oh no, she's very easy going." i remember thinking, "easy going? me?" i think she was just trying to sell me. once the two of us found out what he was really like, she cut that out quickly.

anyway, i love this city. i don't think i have mentioned that enough. boyfriend and i stopped into a feminist bookstore today. it's like two blocks away from my school. oh my goodness. i nearly had a bookgasm right there in the store. which reminds me, i need to take confessions of a pagan nun out of the library in time for the next "bookgoddess reading group" meeting :)


Anonymous said...

bookgasm?!lol, that last editing job got to you, huh?

sojourness said...

heh no that's a term i learned online.