Friday, September 08, 2006

okay, i'm taking a break from my life of reading and writing to ... read and write.

austin is being very nice to me. i got a 96 on my first paper, i got a job and will hopefully get another one soon, i found two different groups of people who get together for the sole purpose of speaking italian (and the occasional gelato), it's sunny, and i live near a cookie shop.

i think i made a mistake by taking on too much at first, but hey, whatever. this weekend i have to study for chemistry, do reading for two lit classes, create a presentation, prepare for an interview, finish editing a manuscript, do some editing for this CEO who is considering hiring me but wants to see if i'm any good first, and write an article for the college paper. madonna! at least meditation class doesn't start for a few days.

i'm, like, deliriously happy here. sometimes i miss home, family, friends, of course, but it just feels like for the first time i have the space to pursue what really interests me, and this seems to be the perfect type of city i was looking for - creative, eclectic, intellectual. my home city is like that as well but you have to go searching for it. it is a city in every sense of the word, there's no community atmosphere, everyone does their own thing.


fp said...

chem yuck

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

sojourness said...

seriously. i've never failed a class before but this might be that "first time for everything" everyone speaks of.


Chemistry's fairly easy. Want an edge, just study yer periodic table. Now physics...yer screwed.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Woo! You're really tempting me to make an effort to spend more time in Austin. Dallas has a lot of cultural/interesting things going on, but because it's so spread out you have to sort of hunt. Austin seems a bit more centralized.

We need to meet up!

sojourness said...

come for a weekend! if you can get away from all your work :/

i would like to visit dallas as well.

A. Estella Sassypants said...

Cool! Once my comps are over I'll make a weekend trip down and bring a fun friend. And we'll set up a time for you to see Big D!

sojourness said...

that would be great... please do.

they have a big book festival w/ author readings and all that stuff here at the end of october, maybe we should plan accordingly ;)