Monday, September 18, 2006

this website
makes me laugh. the guy who runs it is not trying to be malicious; he's just a christian poking fun at christian corniness.

anyway, i finally got to do the presentation this morning. madonna. it went very well, though. prof. liked it. i needed to give the presentation to get my mind off of the seething rage that had come about from a girl in my class theorizing that men have been able to subjugate women in history because women are weaker. i wanted to beat her up and show her that i'm not weak, but i'm a pacifist and we didn't have much time left in the class for acts of violence anyway.

i'd like to see a man squeeze a child out of his loins, just once. he would cry like a baby.

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cheekynomad said...

ok, i got it, now i just have to start writing again, huh?