Sunday, September 24, 2006

sabato triste

frigg-uh-la. what did i want to write about? i always forget as soon as i open blogger.

okay, so i went to this "italian" festival yesterday that sucked ass. seriously, man. let's take a look at what was advertised versus what was there:

"live italian music" = a band singing dean martin songs
"italian food" = 1 crummy pizza
"soccer and bocce game, renaissance costumes, puppet show, lyric opera, etc." = lies, all lies.

good thing it was right across the street from the library so as not to make this trip totally pointless. i read a book on birth order that was really dead-on. it listed characteristics of first-born people that i totally related to: responsible, perfectionists, a little uptight at times, pressured, taking on too many responsibilities, strong need for approval, cautious... there were 2 types: the compliant first born (a.k.a. me) who doesn't send back food that is crappy, who always wants to please, never says no, and the power-driven first born who is a leader and assertive and blah blah. when it described the babies of the family, it completely described sister. (she was the baby because our new sisters didn't come until we were 17 and 15.) she is the comedian who needs attention, rebellious, temperamental, impatient, outgoing...


Anonymous said...

i dont know what birth order i would fall in. technically i was the youngest of two. but then when i was with my niece, i felt like the older one even though we were the same age. i then was living with just my mom so i was the only one. and now that i've met my dad's family, im the older one. but if you count, my mom and my dad, then i'm the middle child.


sojourness said...

it depends on how you grew up, i guess the majority of the time. b/c that's how your mother technically socialized you, as an oldest or youngest or whatever.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea how i've been socialized, but i guess the most of a certain 'type' ive had was from 0-12, when i was with my niece who's a month older than me.but tat's so insignificant cuz my mom pretty much raised us like fake twins, lol.

though i must say, i dont consider myself rebellious or needing the center of attention.