Thursday, September 21, 2006

i'm going to blog to keep my sanity.

life has been busy - which is a good thing, don't get me wrong - but i came dangerously close to losing it when i got a 66% grade on my online chemistry homework. are you ready for this, folks? are you ready? out of 18 questions, i got 14 right on the very first try. i didn't know how to do the others, so i guessed... quite badly. each question was worth 1 point. each time i guessed wrong, i lost 1 point! so on a couple of questions, i didn't guess the right answer until the 5th try, and consequently i lost 4 points on a 1 point question. how unfair is that? you get it right, you get one point... you get it wrong, you can lose up to five?? sick bastards!!

also, i took up painting. i am not good at it at all but i enjoy it, and sometimes i just need to not look at words and formulas and the printed word. i decided that my normal hobby - reading - did not help when i needed a break and my eyes hurt, so i started this. so far i have painted mythological women who are also trees (daphne... duh) and a monkey in a tree holding a banana. i know, i won't quit my day jobs.

i have fallen in love. this gorgeous creature found her way into our apartment and into my heart. i named her eve. now i have to beg the landlord to let me keep her.

she's so friendly and loving, i am convinced that she was a housecat at one time. no collar, though. as i was typing this, boyfriend yelled up to me that she found her way in the front door again, and now she came up to find me. *giggles*


Beelzebabe said...

She's gorgeous. That belly looks a little poochy though---kittens?

sojourness said...

i know. i was worrying about that.