Tuesday, December 12, 2006

almost there

you know what pisses me off? literary mags/journals/ zines/blah/blah/blah that don't accept email submissions. um, what century are you in, friend?

anyway, i found out that i definitely have my 'C' in chemistry, even if i decide not to take the final, but i am only like 40 points away from a 'B'. the final is worth 120 points and a homework (that i have already completed) is worth 20 so i'm thinking i should get a 'B.' i won't do that badly on the final. she gave us a little "cheat card" that we can write whatever we want on, and i write small when it counts.

took part 1 of brit lit final today and it wasn't hard at all. thursday is the essay part, that will be a pain. also have to finish a stupid paper on how i would make one of the works we read into a movie. sounds fun, you say. no, because she won't let us be creative or anything. we have to replicate the exact work. what is the point then? you ask. damned if i know.

there's an older woman in my world lit class and on monday she kept telling me that she loved my article in the paper. she also said that she clipped it out and is going to laminate it for me! i was like, wow, are you sure? and she said that she has all the necessary materials at her job and it's no big deal. nice people are awesome.



Doesn't she know it's impossible to full adapt somethin' between mediums? That's why things get changed...fer pacing an' budget purposes. Pfft. Stupid English teachers.

cheekynomad said...

good luck on chem.