Thursday, December 14, 2006

i know i should be studying but i'm not. if brit lit has taught me anything, it has taught me not to be cocky about english, but fuck it. i took the multiple choice part, i read everything on the syllabus, how hard can the essays be? i will flip through notes while walking to school or something.

i'm making some pecan delight "pies" to bring to work tomorrow. i feel bad that i scarfed at potluck day but didn't bring anything. granted, it wasn't my fault... no one told me and people kept insisting i eat, but hey, whatever. i'm my mother's daughter. don't go to dinner or anything else without bringing something!!

speaking of whom, i really hope she remembers to pick me up at the airport on monday.

anyway, what else? i threw away all of my chem notes and it felt really good to watch them sink into the dumpster and know that they will never again be a part of my life.

i should start packing my shit to go home. not taking much - i've got clothes and books there, and my lappie is broken, so it's really just the toothbrush and cell phone charger, i guess. but i would like to at least put all my stuff away because hopefully we will find someone to live here for the month so we don't throw away a month's rent while at home. i don't need some weirdo going through my bras or something.

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