Thursday, December 07, 2006

c is for cookie

dio mio. i took my chemistry test yesterday and failed it (high 40's, i assume, after she marked the written part of my test that couldn't be graded immediately like the scantron). retook it today and got at least in the 80's (i know i got the written part right now as well). phew. that was a close one. that was the last retest i was allowed if i still wanted a "B." i don't know if i will get one but it is possible. my average in the class so far is 87, with this new 80-ish grade and if i do well on the final it could happen. otherwise, i will take my "C" and run.

i had to email my boss and ask if i could cut back on my hours during finals week so that i don't have a nervous breakdown because that's not good for anybody, right? he was cool about it, said no prob.

speaking of "C"s, that's what i got on my last brit lit paper. i am not joking. i wish i were. i have never gotten a "C" on a paper in my life, LET ALONE IN ENGLISH, MY MAJOR. i was flabbergasted but not surprised because she's so tough. i spoke to her about it. for example, i was arguing a point and whenever i described what happened in the book she wrote that i shouldn't give a summary. i asked her, "how can i prove my point without summarizing what happened?" anyway, she just wanted me to have written it differently, and i can see her points now, although i think a "C" was rash. she told me that i'm a good student and not to worry about the "C" affecting me very much, "it was just a..." and she motioned to slap my hand. i wish she had slapped my hand rather than give me a "C" but whatever.

i told my mom that she can look forward to me laying around the house pretty much the whole time i'm there for the holidays. i guaranteed christmas-cookies-eating and reading for hours on end. i'm nearly salivating thinking about it, i'm so tired.

ohhhh i forgot to tell you, they were unable to get my laptop working so out of the goodness of their hearts they are only going to charge me $75 for not fixing it. that's $75 to get my broken laptop returned to me. i don't have money to buy a new one anytime soon unless i start selling my body or something.

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n.v. said...

I wrote a killer knockdown paper on suicide in Jacobean theatre against the backdrop of Shakespeare's dickerature. I'm still so proud of that paper and still crushed that I got a C on it.