Wednesday, December 06, 2006

end of the semester is killing me. grrrr, i say.

1 chem test (and a retest if my stupidity is reflected in the grade), 1 chem final, 1 2-day brit lit final, 1 final brit lit paper, 1 final world lit paper, 1 chem lab, 2 chem homeworks.

did i mention work as well?

bah. i'm so crabby. why does aunt flo have to coincide with the end of the semester? bah.

i had a hell of a time trying to explain why boyfriend doesn't celebrate christmas to kid sister #1 last night. i was wondering, do i go with the american v. indian angle or the christian v. hindu angle? in the end i decided that despite santa claus, it really is a christian holiday, and non-american christians celebrate it, so i took the religion angle. she was still confused. i tried to explain that our family is christian and she said "my friend james has a sister with that name!" i was like "no sweetheart, that's kristen." i need to find some kind of kiddie book on this stuff.

that being said, i asked kid sister #2 what she wanted for christmas and she said, "i like barbie." oh the horror! so i went online to find some kind of feminist alternative to barbie, like maybe an anatomically correct doll or a full-figured barbie that's not rosie o'donnell but i couldn't find a damn thing. you would have thought some femme company would have done this for their daughters by now. maybe they have but haven't successfully done the google keyword thing.

i grew up with barbies and i turned out okay but i still have urges to cut off pounds of my flesh on bad days, so who knows what the psychological effects were... they don't need that shit. it's like that guy who proved that segregation was psychologically damaging by asking black children which dolls were more attractive, the black ones or the white ones (they said white) as well as which ones they personally identified with (many of them cried and became upset at being associated with the black doll). i didn't have barbie's body as a child and i never will, so who needs it. then you wind up a wacko like this chick.

anyway, blogging is my escape from the reality of academia, which is why i am so long-winded today.

i got really excited last night when i saw that the show "house" has a new commercial playing, what song?? jars of clay's work!! ahhhhh :) the funny thing is, that's my ring tone, and my phone started ringing during the commercial. same song!


fp said...

God bless you on your finals.

cheekynomad said...

right, finals! sorry about that, where were my manners when i called you today?

sojourness said...

that's okay, it was good to talk to you, you made me laugh.

sojourness said...

thanks FP!!