Thursday, December 28, 2006

last night i had dinner with veteran seeker. i hadn't seen him since august. he is such a sweetheart and i was so glad to see him. he treated me to dinner and we spent three hours just talking and having a great time. i am really fortunate to have the friends that i have, no joke.

almost done with the golden compass and it is fun. fantasy for young people in the harry potter vein, but different. the traveler gave it to me for my last birthday but i am only getting to it now. i am just in the mood for some easy reading right now to recuperate from the semester. next i'm going to read the 3rd book in the ladies' detective agency series. (and i've only read three of the harry potter's as well... i'm so behind in life.)

tonight i will see the old fellows. i am looking forward to it, especially seeing my old roommate from venice. she lives and works in korea now so it is rare that she is home. yipee!

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Andi said...

I'm glad you're reading The Golden Compass! The second in the series is one of my favorites for this year, and I've intended to jump on the last one, but this reading slump has interfered.

Have fun seeing all your peeps!