Thursday, December 21, 2006

i have been having a pretty good time since i've been home. there are some things going on that stress me, but that is to be expected when the family is in such a different place from where we used to be (what with my dad's condition and everything). i have been hanging out with sister a lot and have noticed that she has grown up considerably since i left. she always babysat but she has taken on the role of the eldest, dressing the girls and taking them to the school bus stop and picking them up, making sure they do their homework, etc. she is also really enjoying her job and saving quite a bit of money instead of blowing it all. i am very proud of her.

this morning as i took the girls to school, kid sister #2 asked me, "can you stay home?" "stay home from where?" i asked. she replied, "you can go places, but can you stay home?" i realized what she meant. "you mean don't go back to texas?" she nodded. i squirmed. i had to explain that i have a job there and that i have to go back but that i will be here for a while and will visit. felt kind of bad but she got over it quick since it was time for school. i know that will come up again; she had a real problem with me leaving in the first place and even refused to talk to me on the phone because she was so mad. when she finally did, she yelled "when are you coming home?? i want you to come home tonight!" made me feel terrible.

last night i hung out with bro, bro's friend (who i know from high school and subsequent hangouts) and childhood friend. it was great to see them again and we definitely have to get together several more times before i leave in january. oh, and bro has atari!!!! so we played at his house for a while, wooooo hooooo. at one point he was like, "man, these graphics are AWESOME!" which cracked me up.

i keep getting compliments on the green scarf that my friend from austin made me. childhood friend was like, "i wish i had friends that made me stuff." i don't know if that was a hint or not. :P

i also got a call last night from fellow seeker, whom i haven't really talked to in months. i am supposed to see him next week. i have missed him.

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Hell yeah they were awesome! 8-bits, can ya believe it?! Those frogs looked so real an' those bugs... I think it'd blow my mind if they ever jacked it up to 16 bits! Can that even be done?!