Saturday, December 02, 2006

that takes ovaries!

yes, yes yes! she shouts like the orgasmic woman in the herbal essences commercials. boyfriend and i brought my laptop to be fixed today. 2-3 business days and my baby is back!!!

the little teeny pin inside where you plug it in to charge broke, and $175. why don't you rip me a new one while you're at it?

this weekend is dedicated to studying for a chem test and preparing my most excellent monday presentation on the amazon women. archaeological evidence has surfaced to prove that they existed. i never knew that - thought they were only a myth - and this has been perhaps the most fun project i have ever taken on for school (or anywhere). unbelievable stuff. if you're lucky, maybe i will summarize when i'm done.

okay, so i read "that takes ovaries!" which is a collection of stories about bold, brazen women (play on "that takes balls!") including everything from fighting racism and sexism to taking on what no other girl would in gym class. awesome book. at the end of the book, the editor discussed possibilities for holding your own "that takes ovaries!" event. you can do an open mike/reading where you read a couple of the stories then let women tell their own (or men tell stories about great women they know). i got really excited and want to have one that is also a fundraiser. would you like to know why? (not for the faint of heart, she warns.)

i know that i get on various "kicks," such as my animals rights/vegetarianism kick, and right now i am concerned about women's rights abroad. firstly, female genital mutilation is a horror that maims young girls in africa. sex abuse is also a widespread problem there (don't read that one unless you're prepared to cry your eyes out; i made the mistake of reading it at work). honor killings in the middle east and elsewhere have to go too.

i'm not being ethnocentric or requiring that other cultures become like the west or like the u.s. - i think that's a bunch of crap. this is not about culture, however; it is about human rights. i feel like i have to do something. i could make a donation but that would just be whatever small amount i can afford, and it would be nice to have a large event and really raise something that will make a larger difference.

anyway, i have applied for registration to the TTO people. let's cross our fingers that it all works out.

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hehe and imagine, you'd still be ignorant on all this if ya hadn't started followin' current events. ;)