Tuesday, December 26, 2006

have yourself a...

the holidays were not bad. i spent some of christmas eve with boyfriend and his family because it was his birthday, and then i returned home for midnight christmas eve gift-opening (our tradition). sister got me a beautiful pair of earrings, a geisha doll and a sex and the city coffee table book (which is one of those things i would never buy myself, but i really love now that it has been given to me). mother gave me a gold necklace. i don't like gold - i'm a silver lady - but i love this one. check me out:

why does my hair look red in contrast to my skin? weird.

anyway, christmas day we went to see my dad and got kind of depressed. boyfriend was supposed to come over but didn't feel well. he braved it, though, to come and surprise me because he knew i was down. he stayed the night too. he's awesome.

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