Wednesday, December 13, 2006

two finals down, one left. chem is over and it wasn't too bad. i know i at least got the 30 or 40 points i need for a 'B.' tomorrow is the essay portion of brit lit and i'm in the clear.

this morning the intelligent, spiritual jerk in my class gave his presentation. he apologized for being a jerk during the semester and attributed it to getting bad news mid-semester and projecting his feelings into class. he then gave an awesome presentation on eastern philosophy and martial arts. he told us that humans have infinite potential that we don't utilize and he demonstrated by breaking wood blocks with the palm of his hand. he talked about the upper and lower mind, the importance of morality and, should we choose, spirituality, and some other things as well. i really enjoyed it.

another funny thing - there's a catholic 20-year-old actor in my class and he has brought jesus up often since we have been studying the bible. he brought up the idea of beowulf as a christ-figure last and apparently that's what he wrote his paper on. the end of the semester must have gotten to him, however, because he wrote "jesus" throughout the paper instead of "beowulf." the professor gave us an excerpt: "there are several reasons why jesus should not be considered a christ-like figure." we were all laughing. a classmate said, "dude, did you disprove christianity?" we told him the pope will be after him and he said, "i think i'm the most wanted man in christendom after that essay."


cheekynomad said...

LOL, work is getting to me. I went to walgreens and gave them my CVS keycard. the guy looked at me and said i was the second person to ever do that.

fp said...

poor guy in the last paragraph; thats when u know for sure finals week is a tough time for students.