Saturday, December 02, 2006

i was on the bus on the way to work yesterday and this woman was coughing up a lung. i'm not saying that to be funny, seriously... it sounded like it had to be at least one of the major organs. she just kept coughing away, covering her mouth just barely, for 20 minutes straight. at first i felt sorry for her but after a while i was having flashbacks from "the stand."

december has begun and you know what that means: new yummy-licious magazine issues. check out estella's revenge if you want to read about my dysfunctional family and girlistic! just because it kicks ass.

also, those of you who write should really think of submitting to estella's revenge. we need more contributors to stay alive, folks. i want to see this mag around a long time because i love it, and i'm not just saying that because my writing is in there.



Ironically I used to think yer fam had it all together. Interestin' stuff what goes on behind the scenes. If I actually cared to pay attention what goes on with my fam I could probably write an equally interestin' piece on these fucktards. :)

sojourness said...

and that was actually the censored version, lol.