Monday, December 04, 2006

la dee da

did my presentation this morning. went really well. prof guaranteed me an 'A' in the class but told me not to stop coming. no problem-o.

i will miss that class. bar a few annoying people it was really fun and awesome. i love being surrounded by smart people who are passionate about the same things you are.

on pg. 84 of arabian nights, a 428 pg. book. two weeks left until the book club meeting to discuss. doubt i will finish but will get as far as i can - it's great.

have put biff aside because (1) don't have to discuss until end of december and am almost done and (2) want to save something i really love for plane reading when i go home. i never have a great book on a plane; they're always mediocre and i read for five minutes then stop. this time will be different!

tonight is an open mic reading at the local coffeehouse. my friend from class is reading some of her stuff and invited me. think my prof will be there too. i will definitely go but am a bit nervous about my writing. the only stuff i don't think is crap is a bit too personal to read. well, maybe not, but i'm a big baby. will let you know.

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