Saturday, December 09, 2006

in print

boyfriend has been suggesting all week - whether jokingly or not, i am not sure - that we get up at 5:30 this morning to wait for the paper boy and read my article as soon as it gets to the house. well, this morning i rolled over and looked at my phone. he stirred and asked, groggily, "what time is it?" "5:13," i replied. he went back to sleep. i tried to, but couldn't, so i crept downstairs.

the paper wasn't here yet, so i went to the website and found my article. at first i couldn't find it and worried they had postponed it (which wouldn't be a big deal if my entire class and coworkers weren't looking for it today). then i found it. i was really disappointed in the picture - major yuck - but when i heard the paper hit the ground outside our sliding side door minutes later, i saw that it is so small and black-and-white in the actual paper that it's not too bad. in the actual paper, i look cute if pudgy. on the website, i look like the blob that may or may not eat austin. but that's okay, life is short and i am not going to punish myself for having gained some weight after leaving italy. i can't help it if all i did there was walk in the heat and drink water! *sucks in cheeks* damn you, barbie.

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