Monday, December 04, 2006

open mic

i am on a great high tonight. i just got home from the reading which was frickin awesome. i had a lot of fun. i read two poems, but i would have to say that the thing i am most proud of is using the f-word. i wasn't going to read that poem because i'm a goody two shoes and professors would be there, but then a couple of men - professors included - used the f-word and i thought, women can express sexuality too, dammit, so i'm going to read it. the professor who coordinated it liked that part of the poem and laughed loudly.

then i come home tonight to find emails from the editor of the ovaries book not only giving me permission to have the event, but instructions on how to get her out here to co-host with me. aaahhh!! only thing is i have no money to do this so will take serious planning and marketing and getting help, but i will do it. i want it enough.

damn i'm excited.

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