Friday, December 08, 2006

tomorrow my article comes out. double yay. triple, even.

this morning my world lit prof embarrassed me a little. he was like, "hey, when is your article coming out?" and i was like, "um... tomorrow." he wrote it on the board and made like three announcements to the class that everyone has to buy the paper tomorrow and read it. i was like, "ohhhh.. please don't write it on the board." so red-faced!

naturally the airhead girl in my class that angers everyone with her presence exclaimed, "i'm only reading it if it's good... hehehe joking!" what a yutz.

i am pretty excited, though. me in black and white print.

also, that website sent me my first book to review. free books and publication of my reviews. score, baby.

today was potluck day at work but i didn't know because i'm never there. was tipped off by a coworker and my boss and when i went into the conference room - wowww. i mean, there was all kinds of food and then there were all manner of desserts. i was eating brownies and chocolate covered peanut butter balls and crazy stuff like that. yum.

my buddy from class - the one i went to a couple of movies and the open mic with - and i are going to hang out thursday night because we will both be finished with finals then. she said she wants to hang out before i go home for the holidays because she has a christmas present for me. isn't that sweet? her birthday just passed so i am thinking a birthday/christmas present from home when i return in january. i know it will be late but she's never been there, and why would i just buy her something from here when that would be cooler?

this weekend is going to be a bitch but i'm feeling fine at the moment.

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n.v. said...

my team is potluck-happy, so there is one every few weeks. Does God even wonder why I'm so fat? It's all the tortellini and stuff.